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Emma mockup.png

Emma Re-design

One of my favorite disciplines in the graphic design world is book layout. For this project, we were tasked with re-designing a classic book. Since the story Emma by Jane Austen is about a girl who is determined to match up all of the people around her, except herself, I found it fitting to create a pattern motif containing wedding bands. Since one part of the match-making, progress is writing letters and playing written word puzzles, ink nibs are added to the motif. For the inside pages, since Austen is a very much classical romance writer, I wanted to keep the guts clean and simple. Using only a small flourishing illustration to go with the feel of the story. I wanted to add a bit more space between the lines of the book so that it makes it easier to read. Classics can be a bit dry to read, and adding more space keeps the lines from blurring together as the user reads.

Emma Cover.png

This is the full cover of the book re-design.


This is a sample spread of the inside pages of the re-design.

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